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Kim Jae Joong 

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* Name: Hero / Young Woong Jae Joong
* Also known as: Hero Jae Joong
* Real Name: Kim Jae Joong
* Profession: Singer, Actor
* Birthdate: 1986-Jan-26
* Birthplace: Chungnam (충남), South Korea
* Height: 180 cm
* Weight: 63 kg
* Blood Type: O
* Kgroup: TVXQ
* Talent Agency: SM Entertainment 

100 things about Jae Joong
(Detect image is very much like me ^ ^)
1.) Name: Kim Jaejoong
2.) Birthday: January 26
3.) Location: Somewhere in Seoul
4.) Blood Type: O
5.) Height: 180 cm
6.) Weight: 63 kg
7.) Shoe size: 275 mm
8.) Personality: I think is fun? (People often say I am not impressed at first.)
9.) Dream: To become a famous singer and be loved
10.) The usually do: Singing, Staying awake, walking, think, play and enjoy playing 3.6.9 (Version:?)
11.) Interests: As above
12.) My ideal: A person like HK (*)
13.) Favorite Artist: MILK? S Yumi, Shinhwa? S Junjin, Yoo Youngjin, Hwanhee, Hweesung.
14.) Favorite Flower: Lily
15.) I want to walk the streets with: HK (*)
16.) Favorite Fruit: Apples and bananas
17.) Kind of people you do not like: People that think they are all
18.) Kind favorite: I like most of the stories I've read but especially Dragon Ball! (Dragon Ball)
19.) What you feel worried: What secret
20.) Sleeping out: I? Ll let you make up on your own.
21.) State Size: About 4 bottles, I drink depends how quickly or slowly
22.) First love: First year of MS
23.) Person I love: parents, Yoo Youngjin, Hwanhee and Hweesung
24.) Favorite sport: Running
25.) Favorite song: I like very much
26.) The appointment, which you went: 3 (This is an appointment that between man and woman is not never met before: blind date)
27.) When I look the best: When I?'ve Stayed up for a day
28.) Person you love most in the people you already know:?. Hm?
29.) Favorite Number: 2 and 7
30.) Person you want to be: my parents
31.) Lowest ranking:? what do you mean?
32.) Religion: None
33.) What do you think when looking in the mirror:? MOTHER ~
34.) Favorite color: Black and White
35.) The best of myself: I'm cute, but I think my first impression is very bad
36.) Article or not of myself: my first impression is very BAD
37.) Beverages usual: I think a lot
39.) On a rainy day and you want to go out to enjoy: No! I want to sleep
40.) Delicious food you cook: I was most processed foods
41.) What do you want right now: I want to go home and take a shower
42.) Foreign Language Favorites: Chinese
43.) What do you want with your loved one: Take a walk along the river and holding hands
44.) That you want to give the gift of love: A Piggyback ride on the river near. (Hong and know how to properly translate)
45.) What you want: I want many things I need
46.) If you have a boyfriend for a long time used:? boyfriend?
47.) You would like to receive gift from someone you love love and more love!
48.) Your phone number: I can not say.
49.) Bell's phone: TT_TT
50.) Bell of the caller: TT0TT!
51.) If you feel a million dollars on the way: I will leave you a thousand dollars and get to spend the rest of ^. ^
52.) Habits: thinking, bet
53.) Sleeping habits: I sleep on my belly.
54.) What I am wearing now: Wife beater and jeans.
55.) When I want to die?: I do not have the courage to kill himself so I think just trying to forget the suffering alone.
56.) What I want to do this now: I want to debut!
56.) You should have received flowers many times from the opposite sex: Do you mean? Given? is this a quiz for girls?
57.) Where you want to doctor:? What?
58.) My charm: If I am close to someone, that person can rely on me
59.) What people think of me: There are all thinking
60.) The most you said: This is for spending!
61.) What you fear: The cockroach
62.) When you suffer the most: When I have a Jangyum
63.) When you feel the happiest: When I talk to parents
64.) What hurts when you do: I sing
65.) Have you ever Chocolat gift for someone who does not love the holidays: once in MS.
66.) What you do when you encounter stress: I listen to music
67.) What if you do eat drink: Soup and casseroles
68.) What I do when angry: I'm going to punch something!
69.) What I can not eat: Meat dog.
70.) I went to school Time:?.
71.) What I want to learn: acting.
72.) What do you do when somebody you do not like: I am angry with them
73.) When I feel the happiest: When I have my first rehearsal in SM.
74.) You think about how money: It does not grow on trees themselves
75.) If the person you love love end with you: I will let them go, because there must be something in me that they do not like
76.) The most recent time you cried:?
77.) Rays of sunshine or moonlight: moonlight.
78.) Kiss of life: In 6 years of EM.
79.) If someone you broke up but want to go back: I'll think about it
80.) The other nationality you like: I like Koreans. ^ ^
81.) Your biggest Fan: I think fashion
82.) You can wait for someone else for how long: 3 hours.
83.) When you feel the most disappointed:? Very much to write
84.) Cash your pocket each month: 30 or 40 dollars
85.) Favorite animal: Dogs.
86.) Favorite season: Spring
87.) Most memorable date:?. Hm?
88.) What you see when you look at someone of the opposite sex: Everything.
90.) Nickname: Boojaejoong.
92.) Love is?:? Like a drug (Translator: 'drug' can be translated in 3 means: pills, drugs, dull --- Depending on the item identified by the translator)
93.) When you see someone you love has changed: When they changed out.
94.) What you do not like to go out with someone:? ..
95.) What I like best about myself: Skin
96.) Agreements of this year: I hope everything I do have a good ending.
100.) And the last thing you want to say: I'm done! Finally I can go home!

Jung Yun Ho 
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• Profile
Stage Name: U-Know
Real Name: Jung Yunho (정윤호)
Position: Vocal (Baritone); Leader
Age: 21/22 (Western / Korean)
Birthday: February 6, 1986
Birthplace: Jun Nam
Education: 3rd year university student
Height: 184 cm
Weight: 66 kg
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Listening to music, reading, sports and composing music
Special Ability: Singing and dancing
1st Annual SM Best Competition - Best Dancing 1st Place
Born in 1986, he is an Aquarius like Jaejoong cũng. He is the team's leader and the bass vocal-part of the group. Having too many thoughts being a Distinctive character trait of an A-blood type, Yunho cũng Carries this trait. Won the Best Dancer award from SM and is the Most talented in dancing. His hobby is to choreograph. Has Experience as a rapper from Dana's 1st album song-Diamond. He likes to play basketball, and is talented in Martial arts (hap ki do) for he placed 3rd in a contest. On the other hand, he enjoys writing and has Diverse thoughts Fictional stories.
DBSG's Oldest member, U-Know Yunho
Yunho is often Mistaken for the Oldest in the group vì he is the leader (Jaejoong is the Oldest). As he particpated in the church choir he has the position of the base (note the Lowest in male group) in the group.Yunho had a hard time Becoming a singer. His father opposed of it. But now His father is the biggest supporter. Yunho is going to study hard and major in music in college. Just by looking at His face, it seems he grew up without any right Hardship? Not, before he became a singer, 3 years ago, he left His home and went to Seoul at GwangGoo Because he wanted to Become a singer. From this time, he Prepared to Become a singer with YoungWoong JJ. Since cả chúng good weren't of Their circumstances did part-time jobs at law schools and saunas and practiced hard.
1. Korean Name: Jung Yunho
2. Chinese name: Zhang Yun Hao
3. Birthdate: May. 6th, 1986
4. height: 184 CM
5. weight: 66 Kg
6. Blood type: A
7. religion: Christianity
8.talent: jumping, something has to do with breathing, dancing, singing, writing lyrics / composing
9. hobby: listening to music, singing, Exercise
10. Family members: father, mother, younger sister
11. future wishes (what he Wants to be back then): PD, a successful businessman
12. When theres so what 2 free time: listening to music, singing
13. Most spent money on: CDs, clothes and shoes
14. music type: Hip-hop, R & B and Soul, songs that I feel like it fits me (YH).
15. type of girl you like: girls that takes responsibilities, stand up for what Thought chúng / said / and Their actions.
16. Future Plans: Becoming international star, Want to try being a director and acting.
17. Happiest moment: first time with DBSK Performing
19. Most embarassing moment: while Performing in China, some of the Shinhwa fans came up to me (YH) and mistake me for JunJin (hyung), They Asked for autographs, too!
20. fav. food: I'm not that picky, PS I like kimchi and BBQ meat
21. how did you enter SM: did a lot of dance performance, SM saw one of my perf. after that, I signed official contract with SM Entertainment
22. fav. movie (s): Lord Of The Ring and This lazy woman
23. fav. gift from your fans: I like all the things the fans sent me, if I have to pick pencils, Mostly CDs, clothes and shoes.
24. what type of music do you Want to try: something simple
25. fav. scenery in China and food (chúng talking about His trips to China with SM): I like Peking ducks and SanDong cuisine; Clearly họ remember people riding bikes on the open road and the bar that is in Some of the taxi!
26. what you cook best: Kimchi (soup) and pizza, its really good ^ ^ When I make it!
27. fav.manga (s): CHIHRTO (itâ € ™ s in English.)
28. do you play video games: Yes, sometime, I like những boxing type games.
29. What You Thought of the Chinese fans: very good hospitality and nice
30. What You Thought of yourself: When I start out to do something, I Tend to / Must finish it before I move along, I Consider myself a very Responsible person.
31. Who Are You Mostly accquinted with in SM: JunJin (hyung) and Dana
32. first impression on Dana: first impresion was Innocent, cute and honest singer. she still cùng right now. ^ ^!
33. sleeping habbit (They ask weird questions): there isn't really anything, except I like to sleep Slightly diagonal.
34. nickname: JunJin Jr? XD
35. trips to China with SM:
first trip to ShengYang, China at May 13, 2002 with Shinhwa and Dana
second trip to Beijing, China at July 18, 2002 for Korean / Chinese concert with Kangta, Shinhwa and Dana (ppl already notice him back then)
third trip to Hangzhou at Nov 23, 2002 with Shinhwa, FTTS, Kangta, BoA.
the third trip to Hangzhou, there was a lot of fans already YH. he was a guest and dancer for the Hangzhou concert. at the end of the concert, he thank the audience by the title of a official singer.

Kim Jun Su 
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Stage Name: Xiah
Real Name: Kim Junsu 
Position: Vocal (Baritenor)
Age: 22/24 (Western / Korean)
Date of Birth: January 1, 1987
Date of birth is: 15 December 1986
Birthplace: Kyung Gi Do
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Blood type: B
Hobbies: playing games, singing, playing piano and soccer
Special Ability: Singing and dancing
Awards: The 6th Starlight Academy Casting System (casted through here), SBS Saturday's Here (Kangta, Moon HeeJun's Showdown of the Century), Kang Ta's Team - Lead Vocal

Born on 15.12.1986, under the provision Xiah scorpions. Yoochun Junsu with the position of the male voice intermediate group. Junsu members called the boy "and am innocent." However, once on stage, Junsu can change completely and performed a very professional and attractive. Junsu is always keep the relationship in the group are balanced, especially when they face difficulties. Maybe six times in his training helped him become very understanding and sympathetic to the thoughts and emotions of people around. Junsu can play the piano (actually, all members can play the piano and music composition), in addition he also likes poetry and romance. One of Junsu's dream is to publish a book of his poems titled. Also, soccer is one of the great passions of Junsu. One of the motivations that Junsu wants to become a singer to complete the unfulfilled wish of his mother, it's become a big star.

  • He has said in an interview that he had to go through puberty in a period of difficulties because of his voice changed.
  • He has a twin brother named Junho.
  • Junsu's teeth are very sensitive, and it hurts every time he eats ice cream. (TVXQ Bigeastation)
  • He is left handed. (With Micky Yoochun and U-know Yunho)
  • Junsu popular in Japan in 2007 with "oyaji gags" in Japanese on his (literally means "old man's body").He was then asked to work on most programs in Japan during 2007, because the Japanese find it very exciting when a new Korea and Japan also can say things like the old comedy.
  • Junsu wear tight pants for wearing boxer shorts made him "uncomfortable" when dancing.
  • Junsu wears loose clothing before going to bed.
  • Junsu looked like his father.
  • Jaejoong and Junsu once used underpants generally.
  • When fans around the siege, he'll face red!
  • He could not stand straight and likes to move a seat when standing, so do not be surprised if he suddenly jumped "wavy."
  • He hates those who pull their hair.
  • He does not like drinking water and carbonated drinks are "nutritious beverages."
  • He has sensitive skin.
  • He will become very interested if anyone mentioned to him about football.
  • He drinks daily nutrition to protect her voice.
  • He will get angry if someone told you about the adult film!
  • He likes to work hard and do, but because the group's schedule is very busy so he does not feel rested.
  • When he was tired after work and someone asked him about football is that he became excited again.
  • Junsu is Eunhuyk friend of Super Junior.
    In Starking, when DB asked if anyone in the Super Junior makes you angry, blurted Junsu Eunhyuk.Actually there are two people fighting each other, there is always mixed humor and many others.
  • He loves to eat chicken.
  • Three named both Junsu Junsu and Junho (Junsu's twin brother). Junho Junho be named because he looked stronger. Junsu was named Junsu because he was prettier.
  • He's never standing still when talking, always moving and (in the words of his mother) often wander into the bathroom.
  • He never fought with his brother.
  • He was a good student at school.
  • His parents have never been hit as a child.
  • He told his mother that he loved her and kissed her often, and also often have heart-shaped message in messages sent to her.
  • He never Te beams, but the last time he was in Vietnam in six years.
  • His mother used to pour hot soup on the back of his neck as a child, but it does not leave scars.
  • He was also convinced HERO dyed blonde in 2007.
  • During the DBSK house tour in 2005, we have more information normally is Xiah and lying to the bathroom mirror to reflect on a job well without any penalty or want to own.
  • Dreams of his childhood is to become football players.
  • Do not like doing chores, he often thanks to the work group members to help him
Park Yoochun (Micky) 
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• Profile
* Name: Micky Yoo Chun
* Real name: Park Yoochun
* Birthday: 04-06-1986
Birthplace: Seoul 
* Height: 182cm
* Weight: 64kg
Blood type: O
* Hobbies: Writing music and basketball
* Special Ability: Singing, writing lyrics and composing
* Achievements: First prize 2001 American Singing Song Contest - Special Award at the talent contest in 2003 KBN

TV Shows
* Vacation (2006)
* Rainbow Romance (2005)
* Banjun Drama (SBS, 2005) 
* Kpop group: TVXQ
* Official debut: 031226 BoA and Britney Spears Showcase (TVXQ)
* Yoochun lived in Fairfax, Virginia for roughly four years before he auditioned for Brothers Entertainment and was sent to Korea to SM Entertainment.
* Micky was Park's Tiếng Việt khi nickname he lived in Virginia.

Micky was born in 1986 and provision of Gemini, he assumed the same position in the South Central group. As a member of a very important and often makes fun atmosphere in the group, making everyone happy with his humor. It seems from the kid, Yoochun revealed his talent and won the top prize in music competitions Korean-American and the KBN contest for youth. Yoochun loves writing and to date has written over 100 songs. The remaining members were also interested in the songs of Yoochun among all people in the group composition. Joining TVXQ Yoochun had left his family in America, and he admits he sometimes misses the feeling of driving around Virginia. However, Yoochun also said that this time, when he was in TVXQ, is the happiest moment of his

  • Has a brother named Ricky.
  • Wearing a bracelet on the left, a gift from his brother. Yoochun never removed from the ring. If the bracelet does not fit to wear costumes Yoochun, I'll put it up higher.
  • Never thought of marriage.
  • First kiss was studying at secondary school.
  • Video Games CDs, and about a thousand discs.
  • Asthma.
Shim Chang Min 
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• • Profile
Height: 188cm Weight: 61kg 
Birthplace: Seoul 
Blood Type: B 
Hobbies: Music, singing, eating Specialty: Singing, dancing Position: High vocal
Shim Changmin (심창민) was grouped with the youngest Participants in the audition. Like Xiah Junsu, he impressed the Judges with His powerful voice. He joined the band under the name Choikang Changmin (최강창민; Tiếng Việt the counterpart to His stage name is Max.) Choikang in Korean means "the best," "Max" became an international rendition of this name. ~ From
Name: Shim Changmin
Stage Name: Choikang (Max) Changmin
Date of Birth: 18th Febuary'1988
Place of Birth: Seoul
Height / Weight: 188CM / 61KG
Bloodtype: B
Interests: Listening to music, singing
Strengths: Singing, dancing 6th Annual SM Entertainment Best Youth Competition 1st Place and 'Best Singing' Award
When recording TVXQ's debut single 'Hug', Choikang Changmin something else had to worry about other than work. His grandmother, who doted on him the most, was ill at That period of time. Apart from giving His best in His career, he Kept Worrying about His grandmother's condition. Changmin had even hurt khi His vocals that period of time, due to him practicing hard họ songs. But he persevered and finished the recording. ~
An Aquarius born in 1988, His blood type is B. Is it greedy khi comes to music, compared khi Cries Sometimes Is not he satisfied with the His singing. Because His parents are teachers, he is cũng lần thử very competitive and very hard at schoolwork and reading. Though the youngest in the group, he is The Most Modest and has the deepest thoughts. Can he be honest and blunt khi Believes strongly that something should not be done. Though shy at first, he is a very bright boy When you get to know him well. His friend followed to an SM contest and luckily won the Best Singer award.
Choikang Changmin, có high note is outstanding
The youngest of our group is a Crybaby Choikang Changmin. When he Cries His singing goes wrong. But he has a brave side to him too. Starting from Elementary School in 6th grade, he Newspapers Delivered as a part-time job. Changmin is the youngest in the family and group nhưng với His singing No one can complete.His high note is so outstanding that he does not know what octave it goes up to. He says that hes worries that if he knows it might interrupt His singing. Changmin is a quiet person and does not talk very much. Print an interview, he only says 2 or 3 things in the end. Changmin is a clear person who reads the Harry Potter Series and Tells everyone about it. He particpated in a singing contest and won an award. That led him to be a singer that pen before he was regular student.
A questionaire:
1.) Male or FML: Male.
2.) Birthdate: February 18, 1988. Around 5 AM.
3.) Family: Dad, Mom, Me, Two younger sisters.
4.) Skin Tone: reddish tan.
5.) Height: 180
6.) Nhất When were you sad: I do not think I've ever been REALLY sad.
7.) When I was the happiest: When I first walked into SM.
8.) Musicians I look up to: Brian Mcknight, Shin Hyesung, Kangta.
9.) Places I often go nhất: School, Learning Centers, bus stops, restaurants.
10.) When do you watch The Most movies: After tests, summer.
11.) -
12.) What kind of person am I: I laugh to brightly. I do not get mad Easily.
13.) Favorite song to sing at Karaoke: YuRiSangJa-TO my bride.
14.) First love: No one.
15.) First Kiss: I have not even had a first love yet.
16.) Fav. Movie: Harry Potter, most anything that's fun.
17.) Favorite flower: ... buht kkot
18.) Fav. TV show: I do not watch too much TV.
19.) What would you so if you weren'ta singer: ....
20.) Favorite Books: Harry Potter (I sound over the young.)
21.) Where I want to visit: Europe.
22.) Fav. Food: I like almost everything.
23.) Fav. Fruit: tangerines, bananas, oranges.
24.) Fav. Color: White.
25.) Nicest thing I did: When i volenteered to clean up my school.
26.) My Most Important Possession: CD player.
27.) Something I want to say: ... hm ... I'll so my best at everything.
28.) People I remember: People who work for me, my friends, seniors, family.
29.) People I think of: The people I like.
30.) If You Died: ....
31.) Good thing about yourself: I smile a lot.
32.) Something bad about yourself: I kind of act sudden.
33.) People you Respect: People who work hard.
34.) Ideal birthday present: Anything is good.
35.) Hardest thing you had to do: Most eveyrthing.
36.) -
37.) Hobbies: listening to music, singing.
38.) Specialties: Singing.
39.) Habits: goofing off with friends.
40.) What I want to do for the person I love: Everything I can.
41.) What I want to receive from the person I love: Everything They can give me.
42.) What I want to do with the person I love: A lot of stuff, uhm, walking together.
43.) Prized Possesion: Family.
44.) Fav. Animal: Dog.
45.) How are you dressed: Tshirt, pants.
46.) People I do not like: People with bad personalities.
47.) When I look weak: When I can not because I'm set out to do something.
48.) Stress reliever: Music, singing.
49.) When I hurt someone: I do not think I have.
50.) What You Think When You look in the mirror: ... ..
51.) Nhất Something I regret: When i can not so something.
52.) Muốn # of kids: 2 or 3
53.) What's your phone greeting: I can not remember
54.) Today's weather: It's dark.
55.) Fav. #: 7
56) How much can you drink: ... ..
57.) Slept over anywhere: At my friend's.
58.) HGave you ever run away from home: no.
59.) Ideal woman: good personality, cute.
60.) What I want to say to my friends: I'll due my best to make you happy.
61.) What I want to eat: Everything
62.) Your personailty: I think it's pretty decent.
63.) How often do you go to the bathroom: depends ...
64.) Religion: Bool Gyo
65.) Do you like recieving or giving: Both.
66.) Most Memorable day: When i stayed at school until late and talked with my friends.
67.) Fav. Fashion: I'm not very good with clothes.
68.) Hours of sleep you get: 5-6
69.) When you do not like yourself: When I can not because something I want to.
70.) When I find myself charismatic: hehe
71.) What You Do When You're alone: ​​sing.
72.) People You've gone out with: 0
73.) Where do you look first khi you see someone: eyes.
74.) What I think of My Life So Far: 50/50
75.) Complex: My skin's kinda dark.
76.) You like your mom or dad: Both!
77.) When you fight with someone: I feel sad.
78.) Khi muốn someone break up: I think I'd be at a loss of words
79.) If someone you loved got a horirble diesease: I think I'd try my all to make them better
80.) If your parents did not like the person you loved: SUHLDEUK
81.) What are you going to do after you finish this: get ready for school tomorrow and clean up and sleep.
82.) What you think of couples: they're cute.
83.) Nicknames: ... ... ..
84.) What you have next to you: printer, homework, my mouse.
85.) Movies I want to see: Crazy first love, Memories of murder.
86.) Movie nhất that I remember: I am Sam
87.) Most poeple I see often: teacher, friends
88.) Fav. Sport: baseball, bball.
89.) Your hairstyle as of now: I'm drying my hair.
90.) Fav season: winter
91.) What do you have in your bag: chapstick, books, CD-p.
92.) How many cards do you have: my student ID, bus card ... hehhe
93.) When you're sad: When I'm having a bad day
94.) What kind of women do you not like: Ones with bad personalities

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