A. JR is a Representative of the name 'Junior Royal'.
2. Baekho name given by the UIE After School because of image Baekho very charismatic and powerful as the characters 'Kang Baekho' in the comics 'Slamdunk'.
3. Aron lives in the U.S. 19 years before coming to Korea.
4. When auditioning, Aron singing Ne-Yo - So Sick and get the first rank.
5. Baekho never appeared in the MV After School - Play Ur Love and dubbed the 'Raina's boyfriend' and 'Smiling eyes Boy'.
6. Minhyun never appeared in the MV Orange Caramel - Shanghai Romance and dubbed as 'Shanghai Boy'.
7. JR has appeared in the MV orange caramel - Bangkok city and was dubbed the 'Bangkok boy'
8. Ren's name means 'Lotus' in Japanese.
9. Aron is the oldest member in NU'EST.
10. All member NU'EST birth birth Aron '93 except '95.
11. Aron and JR DBSK idolize, idolize Baekho Big Bang, 2NE1 Ren idolized, idolized while Minhyun DBSK and Big Bang.
12. Ren and Minhyun from Busan.
13. Aron accepted as a student at NYU (New York University) majoring in Journalism but he chose to go to Korea after passing an audition.
14. Aron blood group A, blood type AB Baekho, while Ren, Minhyun, and JR Type O.
15. Aron and JR participated in writing the lyrics intro song album FACE.
16. Ren have mistaken for a woman when entering public restrooms.
17. Ren likes Lady Gaga.
18. JR does not like tomatoes.
19. JR wanted to keep the puppy as an adult.
20. Baekho learn Komdo for 7 years.
21. Minhyun like Eric Benet.
22. JR was the first member of the tell, after that Minhyun & Aron, then last Baekho & Ren.
23. NU'EST debut as 'Pledis Boys' along with their sister group Tempest on December 29, 2011 at Gayo Daejun.
24. NU'EST appear in Love Letter MV with one agency Artis After School, Son Dambi, Tempest, and also 2 trainees.
25. The most hated Aron was washing clothes.
26. The most hated JR is garbage.
27. Minhyun most hated thing is to clean the room.
28. The most hated Ren and Baekho is to clean the living room.
29. Visual Minhyun is in NU'EST and as a male version of Jooyeon After School.
30. JR is a Leader in NU'EST and as a male version of After School Kahi.
31. Aron called 'Bekah male version' because both of the United States.
32. Ren dubbed 'Soyoung male version' because his image is sweet and warm.
33. JR loves puppies (Dotty)'s CEO Pledis (pledisboss)
34. The Member spoke with the accent Santoori NU'EST only among them, and sometimes they do not understand what the talk Baekho.
35. "JR is a perfectionist", Baekho
36. "Minhyun was innocent"-Baekho
37. Aron is always and only say 'Ok' when he first came to Korea because they do not understand the Korean language as well.
38. JR and Baekho are in the same school.
40. Face is the set MV Kyeonggi-do, Namyangju
41. JR and Aron said that they were better typing skills than Minhyun.
42. Aron ideal woman is a woman of plain and have a nice smile.
43. Role models are anthony Hamito aron
44. Ren role model is Michael Jackson.
45. Role models are Baekho DBSK.
46. JR is a role model Eminem.
47. JR ideal woman is a strong woman outside but very soft inside.
48. Ren ideal woman is a woman who lay on the grass and look to the sky.
49. Baekho ideal woman is a woman who can cook and have aegyo.
50. Role models are Eric Benet Minhyun.
51. Minhyun ideal woman is a woman who can cook and is passionate about fashion.